Switching to Big Data Career Coaching Program

  • Course Duration1 Month
  • Course StartEnrollment Monthly


Why this program?

At this point and time there aren’t any formal training programs at our local universities on Big Data. For aspiring professions who can’t afford to go abroad and study, they are left with no option but to self learn. This course is for people who want to develop or advance their careers in the data space without having to travel abroad to learn. It’s also for people who’d like to become independent consultants or entrepreneurs within the data niche.

A Little About our career journeys

In this course we have documented exactly what steps we took to achieve this outcome. We share tips for overcoming hurdles that you may be forced to overcome while providing shortcuts to show you all the people, places, and things that really matter; in hopes that you won’t have to waste time exploring some of the fruitless options like we did. We will also give you access to online learning resources from affiliates and you will not be charged anything extra. Along the way, and based on your skill competency, we will assign you paid projects from our lab to kick start your data-prenuership journey!

Why you should join Us

  1. One on one mentorship and coaching
  2. Facilitation by the best industry experts
  3. Learn the latest technologies
  4. Access to paid projects
  5. Job Placement

The Benefits of Getting Into Big Data

  1. Pay and Career Advancement Interesting
  2. Work High Demand/ Low Supply
  3. How Can You Improve Your Skills and Be in Demand?
  4. Industries Using Big Data

What You Should Know About Big Data?

  1. What Putting in Your Own Lawn Has to Do With Big Data
  2. Why Is Big Data So Much More Complicated?
  3. How Long Will It Take to Learn
  4. Changes You’ll Need to Make Not Just Beginner Skills
  5. Which Technology Should You Learn
  6. Future Proofing Your Career
  7. Is Big Data Going to Last?
  8. Retooling and Reskilling
  9. Newly Graduated
  10. General Advice on Switching Programmers and Software Engineers
  11. Managers
  12. Data Analysts and Business Intelligence
  13. DBAs and SQL-focused Positions
  14. Operations
  15. What if You’re Not on this List?

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