Data Visualization Training Boot Camp

  • Course Duration3 Months
  • Course StartEnrollment Monthly


What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is vital in bridging the gap between data and decisions. Data visualization is an important visual method for effective communication and analyzing large datasets. Through data visualizations we are able to draw conclusions from data that are sometimes not immediately obvious and interact with the data in an entirely different way.

The 3 month training course whose aim is to provide participants with an accessible, broad and deep understanding of data visualization and infographic design. This course will provide you with an informative introduction to the methods, tools and processes involved in visualizing big data. The focus of the training is to teach the craft of this discipline, helping participants to know what to think, when to think about and how to resolve all the analytical and design decisions involved in any data-driven challenge.

Who should attend?

We have designed the course for people from different fields who want to learn how to produce visualization’s that help us better understand real-world big data problems. You might be a Journalist, Analyst, Graphic Designer, Managers, Finance, Statistician, or Researcher looking to enhance the creativity and impact of your communications. Perhaps you possess a creative flair, as a designer or developer, and you’re seeking to enhance the rigor of your data-driven capabilities? Maybe you do not personally get involved in the analysis or presenting of data but coordinate others who do.

Whether we realize it, we are all frequent consumers of visualization and infographic designs so improving the sophistication of how one reads, interprets and evaluates the effectiveness of such displays is a key literacy. You will gain the most from the practical exercises if you are comfortable with computer programming however you don’t need to have any prior experience using the software listed below.

We will use a variety of tools so that you become comfortable engaging with different software and confident trialing new packages to find those that best meet your needs.

Tools to be used

  1. Python
  2. Javascript
  3. D3.js
  4. Data Hero
  5. Google Charts

Topics Covered

  1. Defining data visualization and infographic design.
  2. Overview of a workflow driven approach for efficiency and effectiveness The key principles of good data visualization design.
  3. The importance of developing visualization literacy for effective reading
  4. Developing an eye for critical evaluation.The influence of contextual factors
  5. Assessing the physicality and meaning of your data.Using visual techniques to explore data.The components of editorial thinking.
  6. The data visualization design anatomy.
  7. The building blocks of data encoding.
  8. The spectrum of different chart types and their roles.The features and role of interactivity in visualization design.
  9. The role of effective annotation for assistance and insight.
  10. Colour theory and best practice applications.The architectural considerations of composing a visualization work
  11. Data Visualization Tools

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