Data Science and Analytics - Module 1

  • Course Duration2 Days
  • Course StartEnrollment Monthly


This course is designed to equip Banking professionals to make data-driven decisions to successfully transform their organizations into Intelligent Enterprise, bringing efficiency and accuracy with data analytics and new technologies.

Learning Outcomes:

Overall Training – Intro to data, linkage of data to information, possibilities of big data, risks of big data, the role of the employee in big data. 

  • Specialized data operationalization module – workshop session on your role in the data ecosystem
  • Targeted Behavioral Coaching: To help individuals change behaviors or learn more effective ways to work. Will focus on individuals to overcome fear and change specific behaviors or habits or learn new, more effective ways to work to enable data driven decisions.
  • Capstone project: Go into groups and each group with a specific project deliverable as a way forward

Key Objectives:

  • To help participants to understand the role of Information and Data Analysis in business analytics;
  • Appreciate various types of data and methods of sourcing data.
  • To gain an in-depth understanding of Information, Data structure in an organization;
  • Overview of tools used for information collection, data storage and analytics.
  • Linking business KPIs to Analytics how to set the right metrics
  • Transition from Analytics to decisions
  • Upskill the staff on how to champion and structure information sharing, data and analytics tools and culture in the organization.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Data: What it is and What’s Driving it

Module 2: Emerging Issues On Data 

Module 3: Interactive Session 1: Gamification: Types of Data: Get the right data

Module 4: Delivering AI Transformation: The Promise of AI Impact on the Banking Value Chain

Module 5: Using Data to Make Decisions


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